How to Get Your New Business Noticed to Start Making a Profit

How to Get Your New Business Noticed to Start Making a Profit

  1. Create a Business Website

Before the internet and social media explosion, the best way to get a new business noticed was by word of mouth. Today, the internet culture is the norm, and people search for and discover new businesses online rather than via traditional word of mouth. That’s why the first step toward getting your business noticed should be creating a website. You can get more customers and generate sales through the site, and you can establish yourself as a reliable business and content source.

If you don’t have the time or know-how to make a website for your business, consider using a website builder. Many companies offer a website builder combined with a hosting provider so you can register your domain name and create your site with the help of one of these services. Make sure you consider your brand identity, logo, and objectives when designing your site and include photo galleries to promote your products and services. 

Then, you can develop content that your audience will find useful and that will help you establish your brand and your expertise. Try to write a blog post every couple of days for your new business so that you have fresh content for site visitors to read and share with others.

2. Do Something Unique

If you want to get noticed, you need to stand out from the competition. The more unique you make your online content, promotions, and contests, the more you will create a name for yourself and build your customer base. For example, if your competitors raise their prices during a certain time of year, lower yours. Or, hold a contest that engages customers and creates a buzz. Pay attention to what others are doing, and do the opposite. Ask customers to submit challenges or competition ideas and put a poll on your social media page to tally votes. Whatever you do to get noticed, make sure that it is unique and will generate a positive buzz for your business.

3. Avoid Over-Promoting

Of course, when you try to get noticed, you may turn off your audience if you overdo it. You want to get visitors to your site, to your store, and to your social media pages, but you don’t want to over-promote and turn off your audience and customers. Typically, social media marketing should follow a 70/30 rule of thumb: 30% of your posts should be promotional, and 70% should not directly promote your business. 

For new business owners, this can be a tough pill to swallow because you feel like you need to be promoting to be growing and selling. Just make sure that you share information that your audience deems relevant and valuable. Position your promotions as valuable content rather than as sales pitches as often as possible.

4. Be Active

There is a difference between over-promoting and being active to get your business noticed. You should be seeing customers face-to-face, participating in the sales process, networking, making phone calls, printing flyers, and writing press releases to reach potential clients, according to Dave Ramsey, an American businessman, author, radio host, and speaker. Keep in mind the goal of your activity as a new business owner should be to grow your customer base and increase the number of potential customers to experience rapid business growth.

If you are a new or up-and-coming business owner who wants to get your business noticed to start making a profit, begin by creating a website, doing something unique, avoiding over-promotion, and being active with customers both online and in your community.

Image via Pixabay